Would like to feel good about yourself and learn to put your needs first?
 Would you like to stop letting others walk all over you?
 Would you like to learn to stay calm and manage stress?
Would you like to stop guilt and fear dominating your life?
 Would you like to stop saying YES when you want to say NO?
About Karl
Karl Melvin is a practicing psychotherapist, relationship coach and professional speaker on mental health and personal development.
Karl has written and contributed interviews to national and international publications, including:
As a sought after public speaker, Karl's corporate clients include:
This digital online course, which includes video presentations, guided meditations and practical worksheets, is designed to help individuals regain control of their self-esteem.

The course will help you:
 Understand and manage stress and worry
 Explore your needs and learn to become more independent
 Empower yourself by taking control of guilt and self-criticism
 Practice self-care by learning to say NO and putting your needs first
Course Overview
Managing Worry
 Exploring the 3 types of stress and the impact of stress on your body

 Resolving stress in relationships

 A detailed stress reduction plan

 Practical tools to take control of the worry habit
 Understand what you need from your relationships and why

 Explore the roles you have adopted to get your needs met

 Discover techniques to meet your needs independently

 Learn to ground your emotions and express yourself without fear

Building Self-Esteem
 Discover the life events which impacted your self-esteem

 Learn how to catch and control feelings of guilt

 Learn how to silence your Inner Critic

 6 steps to building your self-worth

 3 steps to building your confidence

Strengthening Boundaries
 Explore the 3 types of boundaries and why you are lowering them

 Empower yourself through progressively building on each boundary

 Learn how to avoid self-sabotaging

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 Discover the roadblocks to achieving your goals

 Find your inner motivation

 Define what success looks like

 Dealing with setbacks

 Using the negative past to create a positive future

Success Stories
"The Self-Esteem Blueprint is easily one the best personal development courses I have ever taken. The content is expertly presented and since enrolling and working through the exercises, my awareness has increased, my stress and worry has reduced and I feel much more in control of my life".
Denis Minihane
SME Lending Expert,
"Loving the program and in particular finding the meditations and exercises really helpful."
"He was very clear in his messages, he was clearly very experienced in what he was discussing and I certainly got a lot from the session".
Corporate Client
The Self-Esteem BluePrint
Get instant access to the full course for 12 months:
 Over 3 and a half hours of education videos (Value: €2000)
 Bonus module "Redesigning Your Life" (Value: €500)
 17 guided meditations to help you visualize success and discover mental clarity (Value: €500)
 Practical eBooks for each module
 Support via private Facebook group (Value: Priceless)
 Receive a recording of Karl's Webinar "5 steps to Building a Better Relationship".

Total Value: €3000

Price: €329
Black Friday Price: €99
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