Would you like to understand why you get stressed and how it could be affecting your life?
 Would you like to explore how stress is impacting your relationships?
 Would you like practical tools to reduce stress and worry?
Karl Melvin is a practicing psychotherapist, relationship coach and professional speaker on mental health and personal development.
Karl has written and contributed interviews to national and international publications, including:
As a sought after public speaker, Karl's corporate clients include:
This digital short online course aims to help you break patterns of stress and worry and includes video presentationsguided meditations to help you raise awareness
and a step-by-step practical worksheet.
Course Overview
 Explores the 3 types of stress and the impact of stress on your body

 Understand the source of stress in relationships

 My number one process for challenging worry

The Self-Esteem BluePrint: Managing Stress
Get instant access to the short course for 12 months:
 Educational video presentations (Value: €350)
 A guided meditation to help you to relax (Value: €25)
 My number one technique to correct breathing patterns and reduce stress levels quickly (Value: €25)
 A practical eBook
 Support via private Facebook group (Value: Priceless)
 Receive a recording of Karl's Webinar "5 steps to Building a Better Relationship".

Total Value: €400

Your Price: €7
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